St. John’s Crisis Centre Mission Statement

To implement the words of Jesus by:
Feeding the hungry
Clothing the naked
Showing hospitality to strangers
Caring for the needy
In a way that recognises an individual’s dignity,
and encourages their independence.

St. John’s Crisis Centre is a not-for-profit incorporated charity on Australia’s Gold Coast. People facing all kinds of hardship, from all walks of life, walk through our doors every day – they are helped based on their level of need, without any judgement.

We welcome all who need assistance – whether it is a meal to sustain them, help with basic household items, or advice and guidance – in a way that recognises an individual’s dignity, encourages their independence, and respects their privacy.

As a volunteer organisation, the St John’s relies on the generosity and support of the local community to replenish our stocks of food in Hayley’s Cupboard, clothing, toiletries, blankets and linen, utensils, and other items as needed.

If you wish to donate to support the efforts of St. John’s Crisis Centre, please head to the Donations page.

More about us:

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