Board Members and Staff

Fantastic support people who offer their services for free to help us assist the community of the GOLD COAST

Rosemary Power
Community Nurse

David has joined us in the capacity of MARKETING MANAGER. David brings much need skills and experience to assist ST JOHNS CRISIS CENTRE fine tune our marketing and fundraising efforts. David is working on a corporate partnership strategy with the major companies on the Gold Coast. Originally from the UK, David Moved to the Gold Coast in 2014. After training in Law,  David enjoyed a successful business career in the Financial Services Industry for more than 25 years. David’s expertise runs through all aspects of the media including Television, Radio, Press and Online Media.

Jose Pena
Grants and Sponsorships

Roslyn has been involved in the teaching profession in varying capacities for over thirty-five years. In her early teaching career Roslyn was a Physical Education and Health teacher at high schools in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. For the last 20 years she has been involved in Teacher Education at Griffith University Gold Coast campus. In her previous position as Director of Professional Experience at Griffith University, she was responsible for the course coordination of all School of Education professional experience courses for undergraduate and postgraduate programs. This position involved taking a leadership and management role in the development of various school-based partnership programs, in-service workshops and school community-based projects. Over the last 18 months in her current position as lecturer in PDHPE at SCU, Roslyn has demonstrated her excellence as a unit assessor and in her teaching by significantly raising the unit average in all PDHPE units and receiving excellent student teaching and learning evaluations. Her main aim is to provide a learning environment that is student-centred, warm, caring, enthusiastic, engaging, fun, collaborative, challenging, and hands-on to enhance student engagement and success. Roslyn’s goal is for very student to develop their confidence and ability to teach physical education and health so that hopefully as future teachers they will contribute to the overall wellbeing and development of every child in their class. Current research interests include physical education assessment and technology, improving general primary pre-service teacher’s confidence in teaching physical education, equity issues in women’s surfing.