• Are you funded by the Anglican Diocese?

No we do not get funding from the Diocese. Out funding is via government grants, donations and our own fundraising activities.

We are a “stand alone” Not for Profit organisation with our own constitution and rules.

  • What do you do daily?
  • Average of 105 meals served.
  • 12 parcels of clothing/bedding etc. handed out.
  • Average of 25 welfare interviews.
  • School lunches to Surfers Paradise Primary School average of 15 meals per day – keeping kids in school.
  • Laundry facilities.
  • Shower facilities over 15 showers provided. (over 2500 per year)
  • Driver pick up of donations
  • Community Welfare Nurse 5 days a week

What do you weekly?

  • Centrelink team one day a week.
  • Mission Australia – Disability Job Provider one day a week.
  • Families Services Australia – Community Engagement provider one day a week.
  • Approx. 125 hours of volunteer work in welfare office.
  • approx. 145 hours of volunteer work in Drop in Centre. 
  • Homeless Health Outreach Team two days a week working with clients.
  • Justice of the Peace – three days a week
  • Orange laundry services on site twice a week.
  • Dental service once a week
  • Clinical Psychologist one day a week

What do you do monthly?

  • NDIS team on site once a month
  • Hairdresser once a month
  • Department of Housing and Public Works once a month meeting with clients.
  • Fund raising community dinner once a month

What do you do annually?

  • Annual major fundraising lunch/dinner around homelessness week
  • Homeless Connect Day
  • Annual client Christmas Lunch around 200 people
  • Staff and Volunteer Christmas Lunch/Dinner
  • Christmas Hamper Week in December approx. 200 parcels of food and presents
  • Our food costs are between $60K and $80K
  • $30K worth of Woolworths cards handed out
  • $5K worth of chemist cheques handed out
  • $10K worth of fuel cards handed out.
  • $5K worth of Telstra cards handed out.
  • $15K worth Go Cards
  • Did you change your name?

Yes.  St. John’s Crisis Centre has been known by many names; the Crisis Centre, Surfers Paradise Anglican Crisis Centre, SPACC, St. John’s Crisis Centre and often just St. John’s.  Most of our clients and volunteers know us as St. John’s Crisis Centre, so we have recently made this our ‘official’ online name too.

  • Are Donations to the St. John’s Crisis Centre tax deductible?

Yes.  St. John’s Crisis Centre is a recognised Not-for-Profit organisation.
ABN Number 69 051 853 985 Tax Deductible DGR approved.

What do you need to keep the centre open?

  • We need approx. $1000 each day to meet our budgets – Approx. $375K per year.
  • How do I contact St. John’s Crisis Centre?

36 Hamilton Ave Surfers Paradise 4217
Phone: 07 5531 6013 (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 2.30pm – office hours)
e-mail: admin@stjohnscc.org.au

  • Where can someone in need get a meal every day with table service and waiters?

At St. John’s Crisis Centre, Monday to Friday, a midday meal is 2 courses: a hot nutritious main + dessert + coffee/tea. Clients can get a ‘takeaway’ evening meal; sandwiches + fruit packed for freshness.  

  • How do you operate with the price of electricity increasing all the time?

It is hard, however donations from supporters help to offset the cost of electricity.
Currently this is approx. $650 each month but rising.

  • How many Volunteers serve at St. John’s Crisis Centre?

There are 90 + volunteers currently serving the community at the Crisis Centre. Some, 1 day a week, some, 2 and 3 days a week. They do their tasks quietly, efficiently and effectively, knowing that they are highly valued. There are chefs, kitchen staff, dining staff, welfare interviewers, Hayley sorters, drivers, and administration staff. Volunteers are always needed.

We only have 4 paid staff members in total and all the other services and board positions and voluntary.

  • Can anyone visit St. John’s Crisis Centre to see its operation?

Yes. Phone the St. John’s Crisis Centre office to arrange a conducted tour – you will be surprised at what is offered in assistance to those in need. Ph: 07 5531 6013 (Mon to Fri 9am to 2.30pm)

  • Can supporters experience serving at tables at the St. John’s Crisis Centre?

Yes. School students presently serve clients at tables, as a community service. Visitors to the St. John’s Crisis Centre are amazed at the activity. Business representatives are always welcome to observe this service. Contact the office for a date and time. Ph: 07 5531 6013 (Mon to Fri 9am to 2.30pm)

  • Can I have a speaker attend our group to talk about the St. John’s Crisis Centre?

Yes. A speaker is available to address your group. Contact the office to arrange a suitable time. Ph: 07 5531 6013 (Mon to Fri 9am to 2.30pm)

  • Can school students be involved as volunteers?

Yes. Arrangements can be made for school students to serve clients at the tables during meal times. This participation could be used by the school as part of its student community service. Contact the office to arrange a suitable date and time. Ph: 07 5531 6013 (Mon to Fri 9am to 2.30pm)

  • Can a speaker come to our school and talk about the St. John’s Crisis Centre?

Yes. A speaker is available to address your school assembly or individual classes. Contact the office to arrange a suitable date and time. Ph: 07 5531 6013 (Mon to Fri 9am to 2.30pm)