Vision and Mission of St Johns Crisis Centre

  We are in the heart of Surfers Paradise and Surfers Paradise is in our Heart. – A hand up not a hand out. We offer a safe and dignified environment in which clients can access various services and organisations for help.
 STJCC faces the challenges of balancing its community activities with the imperatives of fiscal responsibility, alongside keeping the services client focused.    The aim of the Centre is twofold and one of necessity in that we must expand our services to meet the growing needs of the disadvantaged within the community, and equally aim to collaboratively end homelessness in Australia.
 While growth or the Organisation is necessary, the Centre is ever mindful that its core values remain pivotal to those who are served, without compromise. Central to these are that STJCC continues to be non-judge-mental to all with whom it is called to work and assist. STJCC is similarly mindful of the necessity for change and the impact that ongoing transition will have on its patrons and workers alike.
 Nevertheless, the Centre’s primary focus will continue to harness rehabilitation, education and developing independence. Complementary to these goals is to always optimize assistance to those in need/crisis through triaging and centrality of services. This will facilitate more efficacious care both within the community of Surfers Paradise, while expanding on STJCC’s unique place centrally located on the Gold Coast.
In all we do and say we endeavor to demonstrate without judgement:
·         Compassion
·         Kindness
·         Integrity              
·         Accountability                                                             
·         Reliability
·         Encouragement
·         Joy
·         Triage crisis care case management and referral
·         Mental health assessment and case management
·         Five day Drop in Centre providing hot meals and take-away meals
·         Laundry and shower facilities
·         Emergency relief and food parcels
·         Emergency men’s supported housing programme
·         Community welfare information services and referral
·         Christmas gift and food hampers.
·         Toiletries, start home packs, clothes and swags/backpacks
·         Community welfare information and references
·         Commonwealth Grant for Emergency Relief
·         State Grant from Department of Housing
·         “Max Employment” Grant
·         Donations:
o    Local businesses(Corp Sponsors)
o    Service Clubs
o    Churches and Synagogues
o    Community Groups
o    Philanthropists
o    Entrepreneurs
o    Schools
o    Private and other
o    Estates/bequests
Please note that STJCC is not part of the Anglican Diocese and does not get funding from the Diocese. We are a stand-alone charity organisation governed by our own constitution
The 2022 strategic vision for STJCC is to pursue and develop all opportunities that will further its capacity and commitment to serve
the Gold Coast
·         Providing services which lead individuals to become
psycho- socially and economically independent.
·         Offering a uniquely holistic approach to those in crisis.
·         Ensuring that training and mentoring underpin all services
·         Achieving both self-governance and self-funding.
·         To be the recognised voice on homelessness
for the Gold Coast.
  “To be recognised as a professional, highly respected and relevant Community Organisation supporting the homeless and less fortunate members of our community. We will show leadership through providing relevance, benefits and services that enable the vulnerable community “a hand up”. We are innovative and display integrity and are trusted amongst governing bodies. STJCC will be accountable and show a community spirit to ensure good governance and strong processes.”